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Be it in terms of price, service, or more importantly the types of products offered, we at Save Value Mart surpass many other dropshipping companies. We outshine countless dropshipping companies in Malaysia as our business is built upon the solid foundation of being client-centric at all times. We constantly review our catalogue and update the products from time to time. It is our belief that the increasing number of choices offered indicates the increasing chances for you to gain profits.

Having known as one of the top dropshipping companies in Malaysia, we have hundreds types of products in hands. To make the process of searching easier for you, the products are systematically organized into varying categories as shown in this page. By looking at the big titles, you can have a grasp on the categories that you should click into and thus do not have to go through unnecessary hassles of scrolling endless pages. For instance, if you are one who focuses on the field of personal grooming, you may want to have a look on slimming suits, cosmetic, or personal care; meanwhile if you specialises in furnishing, you may go for home d├ęcor or home and office furniture.Once you have confirmed a purchase order, it is our obligation to dropship the product(s) to your buyer within promised duration.

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Code: 11-140-01

Modeling Strap Belt Slimming

Code: 10-54-204

X Hose High Pressure Water Jet

Code: 10-54-206

Trash Tidy Garbage Bag Dispenser

Code: 10-54-205

Bake Snake Mold

Code: 10-418-01

Portable Square Electric Clothing Dryer Rack 1200W

Code: 10-173-01

NTFS Steam Face Machine

Code: 10-416-01


Code: 11-138-01

Baby Friend Crawling Blanket Fitness Frame

Code: 11-137-01

Queen Bum Pants

Code: 10-54-40

3 Compartment Drink Dispenser

Code: 11-133-01

4 Layer Stainless Steel Stand Hook Storage Rack

Code: 10-409-01

Kids Pee Trainer

Code: 10-411-01

New Electric Saving Box ( 3 Pin Plug )

Code: 10-410-01

Buffet Food Warmer

Code: 10-407-01

Total Crunch Machine

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